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Thank you for your interest in Christ the king College website. Know about our vision , mission and beliefs. We believe you will not regret sending your wards to attend our school. We are founded on strong moral and intellectual base with long standing history of excellence in all we do. Christ the king College is a knowledge and excellence Centered school committed to partnering with parents to educate the minds and nurture the hearts of students for a better tomorrow. Also, we are committed to ensure that lives are transformed by the power of knowledge and that's why we are called the home of knowledge. Our belief is founded on the principle that says knowledge is power.

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Our mission is the integral formation of students; directing them to growth in character, learning,Christian faith and human virtues. This is to be achieved through good example, quality instruction, quality relationships and the observance of rules and regulations contained in the handbook.


To provide optional conditional for teaching and learning by inculcating discipline aid Excellent among the staff and staff and students. And to offer holistic education that covers the intellectual and psychomotor domains.

Self Learning

Our teachers knows it's more a "calling" than it is a "job". Quality education is important...and that takes great teachers. We know that quality education occurs when an environment is safe, stable and caring


The curriculum of our school is designed to take care of the Interest of students from all parts of the world. The school operates basically Nigerian curriculum but patterned to suit students from any other Part of the world.

Mastery Learning

Our commitment is to encourage every student to achieve the highest academic standard in all that they do. Our academic programme ensures that students are challenged to learn. They are taught the importance of practice, perseverance and determination to succeed, and to recognize the productivity benefits.

Experience Yourself

Classroom environments are vibrant and educationally stimulating. Teachers make good use of the available space to display a variety of student art, writing and charted outcomes of other curriculum programmes.

Online Learning

Good quality systems for assessing and evaluating student achievement have been developed by the Principal in consultation with the Board, Curriculum Teams, Syndicates and individual teachers.

Graduation Degree

Our commitment is to encourage every student to achieve the highest academic standard in all that they do. Our academic programme ensures that students are challenged to learn. They are taught the importance of practice, perseverance and determination to succeed, and to recognize the productivity benefits.

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REV. FR. FRANCIS ONWUCHULUM - Deputy Manager/ /Director of Academics



Admission Requirements.

1. Junior Secondary school one (JSS1) prospective candidates must pass C.K.C entrance examination.
2. Prospective senior secondary school one (SSS1) student must possess a minimum of Junior Secondary School certificate (JSSC) or its equivalent as well as pass C.K.C entrance examination.
3. Other requirements: photocopy of birth certificate, four passport sized photograph, application letter, school file, testimonial of last school attended, results of last school attended (original and photocopies).

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The experience is designed to be transformational, to make a difference in the life of every student.

The college will offer a broad education interweaving academic study and co-curricular activity within a framework of pastoral care in which each part is an essential component, just as every strand of a tapestry brings essential value to a total work of Art and Science.

We believe that education should connect you to the world around you, providing context and insight into today’s most pressing issues. Drawing from the 21st Century’s most innovative and effective educational models, the Changemaker Curriculum combines high academic standards with interdisciplinary, project-based learning—so your environment informs your studies and your studies give meaning to your environment.Through development in three key areas, the Changemaker Curriculum builds informed, intelligent global citizens who are empowered to enact real and lasting change.

Students are assigned to one teacher as their main advisor, but all THINK teachers provide individualized academic support as well as the general supervision and mentoring necessary to smooth the occasional turbulence that accompanies adolescence and world education.

We provide nutritious food to our students so they can perform their best in the classroom. Dining with teachers and classmates creates the convivial social atmosphere of a home away from home. We also believe cuisine is an integral part of learning and understanding a culture. Students are exposed to a variety of food experiences during their time in each city, and periodically take cooking lessons that give them a chance to experiment hands-on with local ingredients and flavors.

We welcome parent visits to the school with arrangements made at least two weeks in advance. The best time for parents to visit is at the end of a term to ensure that students do not have other academic obligations that would prevent parents from spending quality time with their son/daughter.

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Latest News

Dear Esteemed parents, guardians,

I greet you in the name of Christ the King. Please pay attention to the following pieces of information.

1. You must have seen from the timetable I sent you that the third term will run from 14th September (but boarding schools will return on the 12th of September) to 23rd October. This means that students will spend 40 days for the 3rd term program.

2. Recall what I told you during the PTD meeting, that what will determine if the 3rd term school fees will be paid in full is the eventual government timetable. If the government said we forgo the 3rd term, then the 10,000 we paid would be enough. But where they have decided that third term will still run for 40 days, students will have to eat for the said period. They will need water, light and other logistics for the said period.

3. We are aware that these are challenging times for many families. Also bearing in mind that the first term school fees will come up soon, in October, we removed the development levy and also reduced the feeding money to about 1/3 of its normal value.

4. The N10,000 that some of you paid for teachers' salary will be deducted from whatever remains to be paid for this short 3rd term.

5. Therefore the fees for this 3rd term are as follows:


Instead of 49,650, they will pay N27,050. If you have already paid 10,000 out of this, you only have the remainder of N17, 050 to pay.


Are to pay 52, 250 for third term. But reduced to 29, 650 after the deductions stated above. If you have paid N10,000, you have only 19,650 to pay.

NB: These monies are to be paid into the school account before resumption. Failure to provide proof of payment means that the student in question will not be allowed into the compound .

6. Be reminded of the water bottle, four small-sized personal hand sanitizers, dettol, bleach, plates and cutleries. These will be checked at the point of entry. White face masks will be provided by the school. Vitamin C and Zinc (for one month and 2 weeks respectively) will be provided by the school at the cost of 2000. This money along with fumigation/chaplaincy fee of N800 will be paid to the house masters on arrival.

7. Third term/promotion examinations will start after two weeks of resumption. Students should endeavour to come back with all the notes copied during the e-Learning.

8. Those without water bottles, pegs for hanging face masks, other recommended items, as well as proof of payment of the aforementioned fees will not be admitted into the school premises.

9. Temperatures will be taken with our infrared thermometers at the point of entry. Those presenting temperatures more than 36.9° will not be permitted into the compound. You may want to treat malaria before the resumption date.

I look forward to receiving you back to school. Thanks and remain blessed.

Signed: Principal .